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The best representation of all the decorative richness of the Vojtral is best shown by the lighted painting. Everything depends on the artistic theme used, colour and intensity. The lighted Vojtral except for aesthetic qualities can also be therapeutic. Light therapy can influence our body and all its cells and organs. Phototherapy, or heliotherapy, is considered a universal method of treatment. Vojtral is a response to a wide range of demands, although the most important one is the aesthetic quality, its beauty and novelty.

Everything depends on which Vojtral you’re going to pick. Do you want a lighted painting? Maybe you’re dreaming about an amazing suspended ceiling, which looks like professional stained glass with a fraction of its weight? Or maybe you would like a lampshade with an individual pattern, designed to your expectation?
Vojtral in one hundred percent will meet any individual needs you or your interior might have!

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